Kira here! So you want the dirt, huh? The skinny? My life story and deep dark secrets? Ok, well, I guess I have to give it to you…

I am terribly, terribly addicted to Domino’s pizza and wings, and can’t stop myself from using parentheses all the time (you would think that wouldn’t be so bad, but apparently it’s not “the thing to do” in game documents). I’ve been in the games business officially for several years now, and here at Legacy Games for over a year. I started out in QA (also a bad place to be parenthetically inclined) and am now an Associate Producer.

Where am I from, you ask? I come from the beautiful land of rain, my home, the lovely and grey Seattle (Washington!). So some days Los Angeles is hard on me, but I keep my Mariners hat with me as well as an unending supply of sunscreen and I seem to be surviving – so far.

My favorite game of all time is… Well, I can’t pick just one, so I’ll have to say it’s the Kingdom Hearts Series by Square Enix. How can you go wrong battling alongside beloved Disney characters and defeating their villains? I’ll get you yet, Maleficent! As for my favorite casual game, I adored Emerald City Confidential by the fine folks over at Wadjet Eye. Their art was sexy-cartoony fun and I couldn’t get enough of the noire twist on the world and people of “The Wizard of Oz”.

I’m truly thrilled to be your liaison to the world of Murder, She Wrote 2: Return to Cabot Cove, and I can’t wait to keep everyone updated as it keeps growing and morphing into the fantastic game we envision!

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